Online or by Phone

Welcome to the new City of Garland utility account and payment portal.  

You can now pay your utility bill using Speedpay. This service is available only online or over the phone at 972-205-2671 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


If paying over the phone when asked for your account number, enter your entire account number to equal 16 digits, leaving out the dash and pressing # after all digits are entered. 

For Example: Account number 00001234-00056789 would be entered as 0000123400056789#.  Old account information will no longer work through Speedpay.

If paying as a guest through the "pay now" button PAY NOW enter your entire account number to equal 16 digits, including the dash.  

 For Example: Account number 1234-56789 would be entered as 00001234-00056789.  Old account information will no longer work through Speedpay.


Speedpay charges a convenience fee to process payment transactions. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Commercial Customers - $15.95 for each payment transaction up to $2,500
  • Residential Customers - $2.95 for each payment transaction up to $1,000

Note: If payment amount is higher than the transaction limit for your customer page, you will need to make multiple transactions, with each transaction incurring a separate convenience fee.  Utility Account and Payment Portal

Proceed to Utility Account and Payment Portal

Getting Ready to Pay

  • Have your utility bill in hand. You'll need your account number to login.
  • Have your credit card or ATM/debit card in hand. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards or ATM or debit cards with the Star, Pulse, NYSE or Accel logo. Card information can be securely saved for future transactions. Pre-paid debit cards are not accepted as a payment method.
  • Or have your banking account information. You can also make an ACH payment by using your checking, saving or money market account.

Begin Paying

  1. Go to the payment website.
  2. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE TO ACCOUNT NUMBER:  Please refer to the instruction(s) above and use the outlined format (Over the Phone / Pay Now Button) for your application.
  3. For security purposes, the login step asks for an Identification Code. For Residential Customers, the Identification Code is the driver's license number of the primary account holder. For Commercial Customers, the Identification Code is the zip code of the location where the utility service is provided.
  4. If you have problems logging in, make sure you are entering the account number as noted, and double check your Identification Code. If you continue to have problems logging in, email customer service or call 972-205-2671 for assistance.
  5. When you enter the Payment Amount, enter the dollars and cents, making sure you include the decimal point.

Your payments will be posted within one business day. Write down or print out the confirmation number you receive as verification of the transaction.

Attention: Customers who have been disconnected.

If your service has been disconnected, you can still pay online. After making your payment, you must contact Customer Service to arrange for re-connection of your utility service.


For questions, call 972-205-2671, email customer service, or view some frequently asked questions.