Gas Relays

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Permit fees are $88 whether a homeowner or contractor takes out the permit ($70 plus a $18 processing fee).

Required Documents

Homeowners who: own the home, live in the home, and homestead the home through the Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD) may pull a Homeowner's Affidavit and complete the repairs themselves if they feel confident in making the required repairs. Homeowners must provide a copy of a current driver's license which reflects the address you are trying to permit. (If you have recently purchased the home, please call our office at 972-205-2300 for alternatives to this requirement.) This department will verify with DCAD via their website that a homestead exemption exists for the permitted address. If there is no record of a homestead exemption, the homeowner must provide a copy of the executed homestead exemption from DCAD.

If the homeowner is unable to produce the required documents stated above, a State-licensed master plumber registered with the City of Garland must be hired to take out the permit.

Rental Properties

If the property is rental property, a State-licensed master plumber who is registered with the City of Garland must complete the repairs. No exceptions.


  • Gas pipe must be 18 inches deep.
  • Black steel or galvanized steel is not approved for underground use.
  • Factory-coated steel or Polyethylene (poly) pipe must be used underground. Field-applied mil wrap is not allowed except for at joints and nipples.
  • Poly must have 18 AWG yellow insulated tracer wire in trench and extending above ground on both ends.
  • Pre-bent factory riser at each end must be used on poly installations.
  • All unions and steel nipples must be field-wrapped below ground and up to six inches (6") above ground.